As one of the most diverse cities in Europe, London is home to many different nationalities and communities. British Indians make up just over 6% of the city’s population with large communities in West and East London.

The information below covers entry requirements, information on scholarships and bursaries, contact details, travel information and extra suggestions for Indian students thinking about studying with us at our Northumbria University London Campus.

Meet your regional team

Mislu Miah
Regional Manager

Abdul Hamid
Senior International Officer

Vikas Sharma
International Recruitment & Marketing Manager

Entry requirements

At Northumbria University we recognise a number of international qualifications held by Indian students applying for our programmes.

Please see the details below for the current qualifications and the equivalencies we accept.

For entry to You will need Grade required
Postgraduate Undergraduate degree 55% (52% from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune Universities) for courses requiring a 2:2

65% (60% from Delhi / Mumbai / Pune Universities) for courses requiring a 2:1

Graduate Certificate Masters degree 55%
Undergraduate degree (ordinary) 45% and above

Full entry requirements, by country, can be seen here.

Depending which programme you choose to study at the Northumbria University London Campus and your previous qualifications, you may be eligible for a country bursary and/or scholarship.

All of our scholarships and bursaries are automatically applied when we process your application and one of our team will be able to confirm your eligibility.

Below are the Indian country bursaries and scholarships that we are currently offering. In selected cases, scholarships of up to 30% may also be available, please contact us for more information.

Programme scholarships and bursaries

Postgraduate degree International tuition fee Programme bursary available Programme scholarship available
MA Design Management £13,500 £2,000 £1,500 for 2:1 or above

£2,000 for 1st

Merit scholarships

The following merit scholarship will automatically apply if you have not received already received a country bursary.

Grade Bursary
1st Class £2,500
2nd Class Upper (2:1) £2,000

Download our scholarships PDF

MSc Cyber Security QA Higher Education Scholarship Programme – September 2018

With the dramatic increase in high-profile cyber security incidents reported in the media, the demand for highly skilled security professionals is growing significantly as businesses across the globe seek to protect their networks and data.

For Indian students looking to study our one-year full-time MSc Cyber Security programme at the Northumbria University London Campus, QA Higher Education is offering a full-funded scholarship programme for September 2018 applicants.

The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees for the programme and will be awarded to one student. It is fully funded by QA Higher Education and maintenance worth £15,000 for the entire course duration will also be provided.

Please note, this scholarship is only available for the London Campus.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this opportunity, you must first apply to study the MSc Cyber Security in September 2018. Once you hold a conditional offer for the programme, you will need to submit an additional submission of 500 words, explaining how studying the MSc Cyber Security will benefit your local economy in India.

Applications wishing to apply for the scholarship should provide their submission to

What is the deadline for submission?

Applicants should hold a conditional offer and have applied for the full scholarship by 1 June 2018.

Successful scholars shall be notified by 31 July 2018.

Throughout the year our team travel to India for events and to meet with students.

Once dates are confirmed, the details of our trips will be available so you can arrange to meet our team in country. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us by using our enquiry form.

Alternatively, you may also contact Vikas Sharma, our International Recruitment and Marketing Manager in India on +91 99995 98771 or email

Our regional team make regular visits to India throughout the year and are able to help answer any questions you might have about our London programmes, studying with us, the application process and much more.

Mislu Miah Mislu Miah
Senior Regional Manager
Tel: +44 (0)207 656 8415
Abdul Hamid Abdul Hamid
Senior International Officer
Tel: +44 (0)207 656 8431
Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma
International Recruitment and Marketing Manager
Tel: +91 99995 98771
Lucy Gromakova Lucy Gromakova
Conversion Officer
Tel: 0191 204 8899

As one of the most diverse cities in Europe, London is home to many different nationalities and communities. British Indians make up just over 6% of the city’s population with large communities in West and East London.


With such a large Indian community in London, there are regularly different events you can attend. Every year there are large Eid and Diwali festivals in Trafalgar Square, with many smaller community celebrations also taking place in the different London boroughs.

Places of worship

Another benefit of being such a diverse city, London caters for many different faiths with many places of worship available for you to access.

In addition to a prayer room on campus on the lower ground floor, we have also listed a small selection of places of worship.


  • Shri Swaminarayan Mandir – Neasden (the largest Hindu temple in Europe)


  • East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre – Whitechapel
  • East London Markazi Masjid – Whitechapel
  • The London Central Mosque – Marylebone

Places of interest

With the Campus situated near Liverpool Street, we are also just a short walk away from Brick Lane and Whitechapel where you will find large selection of halal restaurants.

If you are looking for traditional clothing, or an even bigger selection of halal restaurants to choose from, you can head to Green Street in Forest Gate, or Southall. Both locations have extensive shopping options with many boutiques and outlets catering for every occasion. Both locations also hold large Eid celebrations.

Health and fitness

If you have an active lifestyle, our London Campus is situated just a short walk from several different gyms, many of which offer student memberships to help you save money. If you would prefer to keep fit away from the gym, London also has many other fitness options, with free running clubs, and outdoor fitness classes in many of the different parks.

testimonial image
testimonial image

“I prefer city life and London felt like a good option from all the cities in the UK. Besides, Newcastle Business School received a double accreditation for its business and accountancy courses”

Hiral Shah
MSc Business with Financial Management

What do our students think?
What do our students think?

What do our students think?

Hear from Bhavishya, an Indian student currently studying with us. He explains why he enjoys studying with us at Northumbria University London Campus.

Application guide
Application guide

Application guide

Find out here how to apply for your Tier 4 visa and additional resources for the application process.

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