Date Published: 13 March 2020
Last Updated: 11 Sep 2020

This is a time of uncertainty and challenge, and many of our staff, current students, future students and their families are understandably concerned about the impact of Covid-19 and what it might mean for them.

The world has changed, but we will change with it. Our primary focus, as always, is on protecting the health and wellbeing of our students, staff, future students and all the communities that engage with Northumbria.

If you are an applicant, offer holder or want to apply for future intakes, you can find more information here >

Updated opening hours

We intend for the campus to reopen the week of 28 September for students with scheduled teaching sessions and for use of study spaces – you must book a place before arriving on campus via our booking system.

As September fast approaches we’re working around the clock to prepare for the start of the academic year. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority, but we’re working hard to make sure that people can make the most of our London Campus and feel safe and supported, ready to make the most of life at University.

Please visit our campus page for more information.

The below email has been sent to all returning students via email, with advice and actions on how to re-enrol for the new academic year.

You may be aware that we have experienced an IT Incident which has caused significant operational disruption. The incident has also temporarily affected the functionality of our enrolment platform.

To allow us to proceed with your enrolment for the next academic year we are asking all students to fill out a short registration form, allowing us to continue with some important processes as we get our platforms back online, such as:-
Informing the Student Loan Company about your student status for funding. Without your registration, loans cannot be processed – to avoid any delays in funding it is vital you complete this form.

Prepare your timetables for teaching and provide your tutors with up-to-date information.

Providing you with further routes to academic and personalised support.

You will still need to fill out the registration form even if you have already completed the enrolment task previously via the Student Portal.

Please fill out the form via this link 

Your registration is subject to meeting the progression requirements (where you had referrals / deferrals) or admission requirements where appropriate.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Our teams are working really hard to get things going again and thank you for your continued patience.

If you have a disability or you have additional support needs, please contact  

If you have any questions please contact Ask4Help

All relevant public health information, including regular updates, can be found on the Government’s Coronavirus website and on the Student Portal and Staff Intranet.

If people have any concerns about their health in relation to suspected Coronavirus we ask that they follow current PHE and NHS advice which is available on the NHS website.

We will continue to provide updates as and when we have them on this page.

For further information from Northumbria University on Coronavirus, please visit here.

Continuing students should refer to the FAQs on the Student Portal and Ask4Help. We will contact you individually to discuss your options.

Students commencing Advanced Practice courses in May may have the opportunity to complete their dissertation first and then move on to Advanced Practice in September. This will be considered at the progression board and if so will be advised as per the communication on 21st April 2020 from our Academic Registry.

The consultancy study can run online in May and Sept if you choose to take that option.

For students returning in September, you will be allowed to complete dissertation first and then move on to Advanced Practice in January 2021.


One of our priorities is to ensure that we are minimising any disruption to learning for our students. This includes students who due to resume their studies.

Our team have been working hard to make sure we have all of the systems in place to support you on your return.

Due to the current restrictions on movement and social distancing, our buildings are currently closed and will need to remain closed in line with government guidance. You will however be able to re-enrol online, and we will start delivering your next semester of teaching online to ensure your progress in your studies is not affected. Once government restrictions are eased, we will transition you back to face-to-face learning as soon as practical, and the Campus will be reopened as quickly as possible.

Please continue to check your university email for updates from us regarding re-enrolment and teaching delivery methods.

We have been informed by Student Finance England that applications for students progressing from one academic year to the next are still being assessed. Please submit your application online as soon as possible as during this period Student Finance England will experience delays assessing applications.

If you are having difficulty in contacting Student Finance England and you have questions regarding your application, please contact the University Finance Team on 0207 656 8450 or email us on

Will tuition fee and maintenance loans be processed and paid as normal?

Generally yes. The Student Loan Company are continuing to pay maintenance and tuition fee loans in the amounts students expected, based on their previous assessment. Student Finance England however reserve the right to request further evidence to support claims for funding at any time.

Will my tuition fee allocation change as a result in my programme moving to online learning?

Tuition fee payments will not alter as a result of changes in delivery, as the course is deemed to be completed based on the original course intention.

For current London Campus students

Whilst our London Campus is currently closed, we have been continuing to increase our use of virtual and online delivery.

Our teams have been working around the clock to prepare for the start of the new academic year in September. We are continuing to follow government guidance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our students, staff and communities.

Please continue to check your university email regularly.

You can also find all the latest updates on your Student Portal.

Login to your Student Portal

We want to continue to do our utmost to provide the best student experience possible in these difficult circumstances and will continue to work closely with the Students’ Union in this regard.

As situation regarding coronavirus continues to change and government guidance is updated appropriately, our plans may be subject to change at short notice. Should this be the case, we will be in contact with you with further information. In the meantime, up to date information can be found on the Student Portal, where you can ask further questions via Ask4Help.

Thank you for your support during this time.

Dr Guy Brown
London Campus Director

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