Five Ways to Boost Your Career Opportunities While Studying

Almost all of the students we speak to at Northumbria University London are here to boost their careers. They all want to shape their futures, which can take more than studying. Here are just some of the activities that we’d recommend for students who have a vision for success.

Seek out positions of responsibility

Future employers will be looking for evidence that you can manage being in charge of a project or people. This demonstrates a level of accountability and organisation. Have you thought about a part-time job? Or perhaps becoming a social secretary for a society or club, academic mentor to another student or volunteer for a charitable programme? Take your time to find something that suits your personality and something that you can excel in. Employers will look fondly at this.

Learn the art of networking

It is unlikely that you will get a job and stay in that job until you retire. These days, careers are more fluid and it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse. This is a skill you can learn in university. Make sure you seek people out, and meet them, even if it’s only for a coffee.

One great networking event that’s perfect to enhance your career prospects is The Best You EXPO 2018. Featuring over 120 international speakers, 160 industry-leading exhibitors and 14 interactive workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and great people worth knowing,


Giving-up your personal time to work with a charity is extremely rewarding. It demonstrates a social consciousness, sense of initiative and passion to a potential employer. Find a cause that you care deeply about and – ideally – one that calls upon your specialist academic skills. HandsOnLondon is an intermediary between not-for-profits, charities, community groups and volunteers. With a growing network of charity partners this is an ideal way to make new contacts and find new openings.

Attend careers fairs

Think of a careers fair as speed-dating between employers and you. Careers fairs take place throughout the year and feature hundreds of companies from a vast array of industries setting up their stalls and talking about their business. Take the time to question representatives from the places you are interested in. This is your opportunity to interview them!

Start to think now about what your online persona says about you. Is it in line with your perfectly tailored CV? Your competitive grades? It’s fine to have a social life but if there are photos on Facebook and Instagram that you wouldn’t be comfortable printing out and showing your employer, you should consider having dual accounts: personal and professional. Also think about some of the language you are using online. Finally, don’t overlook your email address. Try to make your email professional by just your name.

University is a time to focus on learning and self-development. A time that allows you to fully explore your talents and reach your potential. Make the most of it and boost your career opportunities using some of our advice.


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