Stand out from the crowd with an internship

Today’s graduates are facing fiercer competition for jobs than ever before. You’ve taken the right steps to further your learning, but have you thought about how you can set yourself apart from the crowd?  

Undertaking an internship gives you real-world experience in your chosen field, accelerating your employability.  

Internships are offered by the university as part of your master’s degree, where you can work at a company for a fixed period of 3 months (12-15 weeks). All of the university’s internships have a focus on training and enhancing your skill set, with the added benefit of networking.

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To help you take on tomorrow, we have put together a selection of frequently asked questions:

During the second semester of your studies, you will be required to opt-in for either an internship, business clinic, consultancy project or research project. 

You are required to attend a selection of mandatory workshops delivered by the Internships Team, containing important information on the application process and securing an internship in your area of interest. As well as what is expected from you and how this will accelerate into your studies.

Step 1: Create a high-quality curriculum vitae (CV). Support from the Careers Team is available. Your finalised CV must be sent to the Internships Team.

Step 2: Attending a 1:1 meeting with the Internships Team to review your CV and interview skills. This will be an opportunity to discuss your aspirations and the type of work experience you would like to gain.

Step 3: Searching for an internship. You are encouraged to conduct your own search for an internship of your choice, the Internship and Careers teams are on hand to support you as required.

The university are here to support you from your application, through to interviewing and securing your role.

All internship applicants must have a CV. The Careers Team are on hand to help, offering one-to-one workshops to discuss your CV and ensure it is suitable. Once your CV is ready, the Internship Manager is available to help you search for a role.

The Careers Team will also further support your interview preparation.

An internship is a short-term placement with an employer, emphasising on training. Allowing you to gain on-the-job sector-specific experience in your industry of interest. Often, internships involve carrying out a range of support tasks to an entry-level role, where you will learn the foundations of the business.

There will also be opportunities to meet and network with key contacts within the business field, to help build your future career prospects.

There are several things you can do to make the most out of your time with a company:

  • Ensure you know what is expected of you. Set specific goals with your employer to gain structure and meaning
  • Start networking and gain contacts within the industry to help you with future job roles
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn new skills and ask questions
  • Make notes so you can recall ideas, learnings and accomplishments. This will help you complete post-internship work after your placement
  • Suggest a time to review your progress during and towards the end of your internship

With competition for employment higher than ever, it is important to set yourself apart from other candidates.

An internship offers you on-the-job training and experience in a live business. Gain relevant professional experience and knowledge of the industry you are interested in, whilst growing your network and making new connections. Enhance your CV and put theory into practice.

An internship will help you identify which areas of a business you are most interested in and help pave your future career choices.

My 4-month internship has given me everything I need to kickstart my marketing career. I had the opportunity to learn more technological skills and chose Social Media Marketing & SEO as my areas of development. Before starting this internship, I had only a small understanding of marketing, but I am now confident with all areas of digital marketing. I’m so glad to have taken the internship route in my studies.

– Gopal Naramaneni,

My internship at Amazon has been a fantastic way to get my foot in the door of the UK employment market. I’ve learned valuable skills, managed stakeholders and made new connections. I obtained my internship via LinkedIn, therefore I would encourage students to enhance their profiles and make sure they stand out when a recruiter is browsing.

– Alan Arizpe

I have been able to acquire skills in leadership and management throughout my internship, which is a key area I wanted to develop. I have learnt lots of new skills which will be extremely valuable to me in my future job roles from the support of my colleagues. It has also been a great opportunity to communicate with individuals from a variety of cultures.

– Ikenna Obioha

My internship has boosted my CV and it has given me great insight into the UK employment market. Since completing my internship, I have found numerous job opportunities. I believe that the Advance Practice module plays a vital rile in increasing the employability of students.

– Saim Ali

My role as an E-commerce specialist at 3R-enterprises gave me endless opportunities. I gained skills in managing an inventory, website development, social media marketing and experience of using various e-commerce and digital marketing platforms. My internship was a fantastic way to gain experience in so many different areas, in a short space of time.

– Viralkumar Shah

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