If you are enrolling with us, you will receive instructions to the email address you provided for your application. The email will include information on the steps you need to take before enrolling on your course and any documentation you will need to provide during enrolment.

It is compulsory that you enrol online and attend both the campus and programme induction. The exact dates and times of your enrolment and inductions will be sent via email. Please also refer to our video on how to enrol or re-enrol online.

The induction will introduce you to the university, campus and your programme.

We also ask you to take some time to watch the following Learning Resources video and accompanying workbook. This will ensure you are familiar with how to access and use the learning resources available to support your studies.

What date is my enrolment and when does teaching begin?

You can find your term time and enrolment dates on our dates and fees page. Use these dates to organise your arrival, find accommodation during term time and plan holidays for the academic year.

What type of classes can I expect?

Teaching is delivered through lectures, seminars and tutorials. Lectures are formal teaching sessions, with a larger group of students. Seminars usually follow-up on topics covered in lectures and take place in smaller groups. In tutorials, a small number of students meet with a tutor to discuss points of interest or difficulty.

What do I need to do to enrol?

There are four stages to the enrolment process:

  1. Provide passport, visa and certificates
  2. Payment of fees
  3. ID card photograph and collect timetable
  4. Online registration

NOTE: stage 3 must be completed (visa verification) before you can gain full access to your semester timetable and collect your Smartcard.

Do I only need to enrol once?

All students are required to enrol semesterly, before the start of each academic intake.  Continuing students must re-enrol at the beginning of each semester and agree to the University terms and conditions.

Where is the campus?

Visit our How to Find Us page for detailed information about getting to the campus via train, bus, car and from the airport.

What support is available?

We offer a wide range of services to help you make the transition into student life as smooth as possible. Visit our Student Support page to find out more about the services we offer.

Please read this brief guide to how to access our our-line learning resources including your University Email, Student Portal, University Library, Blackboard Ultra Virtual Classroom and Academic Skills Support.

E-Resources Guide

Before you arrive in the UK to begin your studies, there are a few things you need to have sorted in advance.

It is essential you secure your accommodation before you commence your studies. Our Accommodation Team are available to support you with finding the right kind of accommodation. Find out more.

Student Finance
If you are funding your studies via Student Finance England (SFE), make sure you submit your application with time before your course start date.

If you need any support or are experiencing difficulties with SFE, our Finance Team are here to help, available. You can find out more, including contact details for the team on our Finance page.

The campus offers outstanding facilities to students. State-of-the-art classrooms enable students to learn in a modern environment that utilises the latest technology to bring the classroom to life.

Away from the classroom, students can socialise together in the common area or take time to catch up on personal study on one of the many computers available for students. The campus is surrounded by contemporary bars, coffee shops and restaurants that are popular with students and are a great place to relax after classes.

We look forward to supporting your in your learning journey and helping you to succeed and have a fantastic time learning with us.

Contact us
If you need help with your enrolment, please email qahe.enrolment@qa.com at your earliest convenience.