Our courses give students the essential skills they need to really thrive in their chosen career. With a variety of different courses at the campus, there are plenty of potential careers you can look forward to. Here we look at some of jobs that you could progress to after studying with us at Northumbria University London.

Investment Banking Analyst

The world of finance is a great industry to have an exciting career in. As an Investment Banking Analyst, you’ll be researching, analysing and presenting findings of the financial market, helping a company to make informed decisions that will increase revenue.

You’ll also work with senior bankers on strategic assignments assisting clients with mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, private placements and other advisory services.

Skills required

  • Analytical
  • Strategic thinking
  • Risk assessment
  • Financially minded
  • Valuation methodologies

Related course

Our BA (Hons) International Banking and Finance (Top-Up) will provide you with an in-depth experience of the financial market and first-hand experience of real time data. Through a variety of teaching and learning strategies, coursework and projects, the course will give you a full experience of current market developments and financial data.

The lecturers on this course are seasoned experts in the banking and finance industry, giving you an excellent foundation to build a career as an Investment Banking Analyst.

Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber Security is a fast-growing industry that’s becoming more and more important for both governments and businesses alike. By doing research and using best practices a Cyber Security Consultant will review and design in-depth defence architectures, making the business or company’s digital security safe and secure from hackers and viruses.

Conducting security penetration tests regularly to ensure the organisation’s systems are well protected is something done regularly by a Cyber Security Consultant.

Skills required

  • Cyber security
  • Analytical
  • Strong IT knowledge
  • Reporting
  • Critical evaluation
  • Synthesis techniques

Related course

Our full-time MSc Cyber Security course will provide you with all the essential tools you will need to thrive as a Cyber Security Consultant. Lecturers teach students how to spot, handle and minimise security threats and incidents, working both individually and as a member of a team. Our course will develop your understanding of cyber security today through a mix of coursework and exams, creating the perfect foundation for a career as a Cyber Security Consultant.

Senior Java Developer

One of the most in demand jobs is as a Java Developer. An expert developer will use their knowledge of Java to design, architect and implement enhancements to servers. With up-to-date knowledge of new related technologies, a developer will produce high quality code while enhancing existing features, implement new functionalities and research application development products.

This kind of job role is perfect for technically minded people who enjoy a daily challenge.

Skills required

  • Web application development
  • XML
  • Java
  • DevOps
  • Coding

Related course

Studying our MSc Computer Science with Advanced Practice will provide you with the most up-to-date computing knowledge that is currently in demand by employers. The course covers web development, systems analysis, database modelling and the all-important Java programming, ideal if you are looking to have a career as a Java Developer.

This programme has been designed in consultation with partners including Accenture and Hewlett-Packard, making sure you’re developing key skills that employers are seeking.

Social Media Manager

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being an essential part of marketing for organisations, Social Media Managers are in high demand. Using research, a Social Media Manager will develop a strategy and set goals to increase engagement and brand awareness through social media channels. Often, they’ll create excellent relationships with key influencers on social media with a view to gaining more exposure of their organisation’s content.

The day-to-day structure of the role varies from place to place but being in charge of managing content to share on social media is generally the key task of the job.

Skills required

  • Strategic thinking
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media best practice

Related course

If you’re looking to become a top Social Media Manager then our MSc Digital Marketing course would be a perfect place to start. Through learning how to integrate new tactics and strategies to understanding online visitor and buyer behaviour, the course teaches all the essential marketing tools for the digital market.

Through a mix of lectures, seminars and workshops, you will increase your knowledge of the business world along with Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

If you’d like to come and study with us or find out more, then get in touch with us and our team will contact you to discuss your career aspirations and options.

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