As we delve deeper into autumn, it’s the perfect time for self-evaluation and work towards becoming the best version of yourself. Although it may not be the norm, the “new year, new you” mantra is not exclusive to January. Maybe it is the nostalgic “back to school” feeling but autumn may also be regarded as a fresh start.

It traditionally marks the beginning of a new academic year in the UK, a new season, and a new opportunity for some positive changes. Here are a few reasons why autumn is the new January:

The days are lighter and longer

With the remains of the summer months still present, the beginning of the autumn months are likely to have a more positive effect on our mental health. Studies by that a lack of vitamin C can lead to conditions such as depression and fatigue so, by having longer days with more sunshine, this time of the year can have an uplifting effect on positivity and productivity.

Try going for daily walks to get some more vitamin C. You will improve your mood as well as increase your daily dose of exercise.

It’s a head start for January

Why wait 4 months to welcome a new you when we are here now? Starting in autumn gives you more time to make progress on the new you, and by January you could already be reaping the rewards of your success and continuing your journey.

There’s more to look forward to

Post-Christmas blues, depleted finances and dark winter nights are a few things that are common in the New Year. However, autumn brings about a host of rewarding festivities. The Halloween and Christmas periods are arguably some of the most fun and rewarding times of the year – these festivities can help to maintain positivity, keeping you on track towards your goals.

You can be who you want to be

Yes, this may also be true for January but it can be true at any point of the year. There is no time limit or rules regarding when you can make a change in your life and start for the better, making autumn as good a time as any.

Are you interested in finding the new you? Take the start of this new academic year as an opportunity for change and check out our range of postgraduate courses.

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