In the society that we live in, where generation after generation are more adventurous and well-travelled than the last, a career in hospitality and tourism provide an exciting opportunity for new and innovative entrepreneurs to make their mark. The influence of social media usage has simultaneously increased the needs for new experiences, photo opportunities and blog-worthy situations; the ordinary and well-known are no longer enough.

As of September 2019, we will be offering a new specialism in Hospitality and Tourism Management as part of our established MSc Business with programmes. This allows ambitious students to gain the skills needed to fully take advantage of this growing market and kick-start their career in an exciting and fulfilling industry.

The Need for Innovation and Renewal

Established brands in the current market are required to do more than the standard to compete, particularly with the arrival of new businesses that are uprooting these industries. You only need to look at how websites such as SkyScanner and, both of which allow the traveller to compare deals and book their own flights and accommodation – and how this affects traditional travel agents – to see how the industry has been transformed through digital technology.

Marketing strategies need to implement new ways of re-engaging existing clientele as well as drawing in new custom. However, the advantage of getting the basics right, that’s offering travellers intrigue and originality, is that this automatically gains custom. Without this, enterprises in the hospitality and tourism industries would quickly grow stagnant and ultimately, obsolete.

New technologies have given hospitality businesses the ability to deliver more convenience and control, which is a large attraction to the new generation of customers. Although the capacity for data analytics and user experience are impressive, the human touch is still necessary, too, in order to deliver a bespoke and warming experience that caters to human necessity.

Bringing it Together

Graduates within the hospitality and tourism industries are in a very fortunate position. As part of the millennial generation that precedes Generation Z, they are close enough to see what the up-and-coming generation needs and wants, with enough insight from previous generations to know what works and put these ideas into place.

The MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management programme provides students with the managerial and business skills to bring this all together. Students will study modules such as Contemporary Hospitality Management, Responsible Tourism, and Managing Attractions, all of which provide the knowledge and skills needed for roles within the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

This programme is also available with Advanced Practice, which includes an Internship or Project. To find out more visit our programme pages below or enquire now. Our team are available to answer any questions you may have about the programme.

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