On this page you can set up an instalment plan to pay for your course fees. To use the instalment plan tool, simply follow these instructions:

  • Enter the total amount you are due to pay
  • Enter your student number
  • Enter the number of payments you wish to make

Please note: any instalment plans must be agreed with the student finance team before creation

Payment options

Payment Terms and conditions

  1. Instalments plans will only be agreed with a candidate once payment details above have been verified
  2. Any funds received for payment of programmes and not utilised or refunded subject to QAHE terms and conditions within 6 months will be forfeited to QAHE.
  3. Payments are not transferrable between candidates.
  4. QAHE reserves the right to dismiss any candidate for non-payment of course/programme fees or non-payment of instalment plan fees.
  5. Certification of the programme will not be provided to a candidate until all courses fees are paid in full.
  6. Please note QAHE will use this agreement as evidence to prove consent in any chargeback requests.
  7. Please note that this Instalment plan cannot be amended after creation and approval.
  8. Please be aware, we reserve the right to refer all outstanding tuition fee debt to a third-party debt collection agency.