David Haddon

David Haddon

United Kingdom

MSc Cyber Security (part-time)

Why did you choose Northumbria University London for your studies?
Northumbria’s London Campus is a relatively easy location to get to from Jersey compared with other UK locations. Northumbria’s courses offer the flexibility to attend a classroom based course at weekends, something that very few other colleges offer. The great thing about studying in a class is not just getting feedback from the tutors but seeing the work of other students. It is quite inspiring (and infuriating) when you realise that someone has done something better than what you have done. To me distance learning cannot compete with this.

What was your main reason for wanting to undertake a part-time Masters with us?
I felt that getting a formal qualification in information security was desirable.

How has your programme benefited your career?
My clients acknowledge the reason for doing the course is to improve the services offered to them.

What is the most useful aspect of your programme?
The programme is topical in its outlook and has forced me to consider in depth our approach as a small company to emerging regulations like GDPR and the challenges we are facing in providing data transfer securely.

How have you utilised the learnings from the programme in your daily job?
We are implementing the Information Governance policy I wrote in the first assignment, though I must admit it is taking longer than anticipated in my plan.

What advice would you give someone looking to study a Masters with us?
Do it, but be prepared to devote the time. I think the more you put in to the course the more you will get out of it.

Anything else?
As a part-time course, your classmates will be professional people from all areas, some from local government, some from industry and some from financial services. You will make new friends and learn a lot from them.

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“MSc Cyber Security was a must-do on my list from the moment I came in contact with networking”

Diana Balasa
MSc Cyber Security (Part-Time)


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