David Wilson

David Wilson

United Kingdom

MSc Cyber Security (Part-Time)

Why did you choose to study at Northumbria University London?

I chose Northumbria University London primarily because it’s the only Masters course in London that allows you to do it part-time which means I’m able to continue to do my job as well as study on the weekends. It’s close to where I live and also I’m familiar with the Northumbria brand having lived in Newcastle.

How has your experience been so far?

It’s been a really good studying at Northumbria London, great expertise from the teaching staff. It’s been good to get to know other people from different backgrounds who have been on the course with me. It’s been a big challenge balancing work life and study life as well as having a personal life but once you get into the routine of the course it becomes normal and you get used to delivering against deadlines.

What’s it like being a Cyber Security student?

The Cyber Security course has got quite a breadth, it focuses both on the government side of information security as well as the technical side in regards to ethical hacking and network security. It’s been great for my career, the fact that I’ve been able to advance in a more senior role in a large FTSE 100 company. Without my Masters I wouldn’t have been able to get an interview let alone the job itself. I managed to get y current job without having completed my masters but it was enough for me to say that I’m studying for my Masters and from that, I was able to obtain the career I wanted.

What’s the most memorable part of your student journey?

The connections that I’ve met on the course have been great, lots of people from similar backgrounds, similar types of organisations, similar age range as well. It’s been really fun going back to being a part-time student, I haven’t been to university for 25 years so it’s been a great challenge to go back. It’s given me the confidence to carry out my role in my new organisation and that’s been one of the best things.

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