Di Jiao

Di Jiao


MSc Business with Marketing Management

What were you doing before you came to study at Northumbria University London Campus?

I was studying at Plymouth University for my bachelor degree.

Where was your internship completed?

I did my internship at Ash Communications as a Trainee Accountant Executive.

What were your typical day to day duties?

Collecting and reporting published coverages, making phone calls to publications and drafting social media content on behalf of the clients.

What did you learn from the internship?

Apart from the practical skills like advanced business communications and handling multiple tasks with a tight deadline, the most important skill I learnt is emotional management when working in a multicultural office.

Did you have the opportunity to complete any additional training during your internship?

Yes, luckily I had the chance to work at a three day lifestyle exhibition and a full training session provided by the company on how to manage the event.

Do you think this internship will help you with your future career plans? Did the internship develop your employability skills?

Yes definitely. I know most of the graduates can get confused about what kind of career they really want for their future, but this internship has given me some sort of guide for that. My experience in this internship has helped me a lot in understanding the real business world and more importantly what I really want to achieve for my future.

What kind of insight to your business industry did you gain during your internship? How would this benefit you in the future?

My internship was taken place in a PR company, which means communication is the core task for the whole team and according to my experience, the industry is about communicating with people and getting connections with them. I personally think this was a huge step for my future career because nobody can avoid communicating with people no matter what job they do.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I really enjoyed the friendly work environment.

Did you find the internship team at the University helpful?

I found them very helpful. I also really appreciated the proofreading for my CV and support with the cover letter.

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“London offers a great access when it comes to proximity to wonderful tourist sites as well as being a great financial capital.”

Olasheni Ogunwende
MSc Business with International Management

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