Inga Nedzinskiene

Inga Nedzinskiene


MSc Project Management with Advanced Practice

Why did you choose to study at Northumbria University London?

I wanted to get more experience in theoretical knowledge as I was working as a Project Manager in my home country. I wanted to come here, practice and study the subject even further. I’m really enjoying it – It’s only been 3 months but I love it!

What type of support did you receive during this time?

I met the ACE (Academic Community of Excellence) team and they explained their role of how they assist students, how we can reach them and the facilities that are available to us. I’ve been receiving emails since I started informing me of the support that’s available to me whether online or in person.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve experience on your journey so far?

Cultural Differences. I’m studying in a multi-cultural environment since we’re almost all international students in my group. I found it really interesting to have conversations about culture, religion, habits and the traditions of different countries. Our discussions during the lecture provide me with a different perspective and for me, this is really important. This experience will be important for my career and how flexible I am as a Project Manager.

Why did you choose London for your studies?

  • Good job opportunities – I feel like I can grow in my career here.
  • Part of my family is here so I wanted to be near them.
  • I wanted to experience living in a bigger city. The multi-cultural environment and international opportunities are very attractive to me.

What are 3 things you would highlight about studying at Northumbria University London ?

  • Good location – Right in heart of London. I can always find everything around which is very handy.
  • The people – All staff members are willing to help with anything and everyone is super nice.
  • Flexibility – The campus is open all day so I can come here and use the computers to work or use the quiet spaces to focus on my studies. Also, flexibility with lecturers since I can contact them even after hours.

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