Muhammad Taimoor

Muhammad Taimoor

MSc Project Management with Advanced Practice

Why did you choose to study this course at Northumbria University London?
It was linked to my future plans to harness technology in the construction industry. I have worked on a few digital projects before and wanted to be given a chance to apply my project management

Would you say the programme has given you the knowledge and skills you need for your future plans?
For my research project I am asking how AI will be utilised to speed up construction. I have been able to see the entire project management process and how AI can mitigate risks of a project.

What have you enjoyed the most about the programme?
The study environment, library and simulations where we experience projects in real time as though we were working in the industry. I am currently looking at the cross-border contract and how the use of blockchain and smart contracts can eliminate corruption and increase transparency. The people in my class are very friendly, we have made a very good connection and I feel they enhance my learning experience.

What do you think of the campus?
We’re in central London. What could be better? It’s very multicultural, dynamic and full of lots of opportunities.

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