Sara Fawad

Sara Fawad


MSc Business with Marketing Management

Sara is studying her MSc Business with Marketing Management with us and believes she has made some lifelong friends in her time at Northumbria University London Campus. Watch the below video to discover more about why Sara enjoys studying with us so much.

“My name is Sara Fawad and I’m at Northumbria London campus doing my Masters; Business with Marketing.

So basically I was just looking for universities in London. Northumbria came up, there were a couple of others but then again Northumbria seemed more like my sort of university where I could be more creative and open, while I get to live in London and experience all the different cultures and everything.

The administration over here was so helpful in explaining to me exactly what I wanted and the best part was that whatever I was expecting out of my Masters degree and what Northumbria was offering were the same things. That was it. I feel like I made the right choice by coming over here, I feel like I’m a part of the University.

It was so simple and easy, I was scared myself even at this age, but when I came and I had this ‘Ask For Help’ desk and I met Toni and she’s so friendly and so sweet. I was actually really scared in the beginning but she’s so nice and she helped me out with everything, she gave me a schedule. I had lots of help through the process and then the induction happened, we met all of the teachers and they explained how the whole thing was going to work out. So it was good. Like I said, not scary at all.

So I did my BA in Marketing and I finished that in 2009 and now it’s 2017 so obviously a lot had changed. It was a little difficult at the beginning because I was trying to understand the way of teaching but it wasn’t as complicated as I was making it out to be, and then the teachers were so helpful and I had my own tutor, I could go to him whenever I wanted to. Toni was there to help me out and I had my new friends that I’d made so it wasn’t like me being in that spot alone, I had a lot of people around me to help me go through the same process, so that was good.

I think the best part is I feel like I’ve made friends. They’ll just be with me for the rest of my life.”

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“I chose to study at Northumbria University London because it offers a great university experience in the heart of London. The business school was the main attraction for me as it is a business school with AACSB double accreditation.”

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MSc Business with International Management


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