Stephen Sampana

Stephen Sampana

MSc Cyber Security (Part-Time)

What made you decide to do a Masters?
The reason why I wanted to pursue a Masters is because I wanted to learn the broader aspects of Cyber Security instead of just focusing on specifics. There are a lot of other qualifications you can get in Cyber Security, but I don’t think that they’re as in-depth.

What made you decide to do your Masters at Northumbria University?
I chose Northumbria University as there are not many universities who advertise Cyber Security in England. Northumbria also have a London Campus which is very accessible to me.

How have you found the course?
I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of security professionals from financial services all the way through to the Military which has been a great experience because I’m more focused on Digital Forensics and Security Operations. Studying with other individuals has made me understand that there’s a lot more to Cyber Security.

How has doing a Masters in Cyber Security benefitted your career?
Since doing my Masters at Northumbria, I have been able to apply a lot of knowledge into my work. I have always done my work in a certain way, but after doing a couple of modules on the programme, it has somehow made me ask more questions and go more in-depth in terms of technical aspects for the Cyber Security side, as well as the Governance and Assurance side of Information Security.

What has been your favourite module?
I haven’t had a favourite module yet, but I do believe the dissertation is going to be the most desired as it’s where you put everything that you have learned together.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering doing a Masters in Cyber Security?
My advice to Information Security enthusiasts who are looking to go down the Cyber Security path would be that although there are many other certifications you can get, having a Masters degree can help leverage yourself and become more prepared for the industry. Cyber Security is a never-ending game; it’s about finding something new and working with it. Having a Masters degree can help you through all of these challenges in a systematic and methodical way. It will definitely be advantageous to you, whether that be looking for a job yourself, or interviewing other people.

How did you manage the funding?
I have been really lucky with the funding because the company I work for encourages and sponsors people to pursue their educational growth. They have covered my expenses so that I could study here in Northumbria.

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”I’m excited about the future. This degree has given me the foundation to significantly expand my career options with my current employment.”

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MA Applied Project Management (part-time)

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