Vidhi Vadodaria

Vidhi Vadodaria


MSc Digital Marketing with Advanced Practice

Where are you from?

Gujarat in India

What attracted you to study Digital Marketing with Advanced Practice at Northumbria University London?

Technology is fast growing and I wanted to be up-to-date with the tools to work in this field, as many companies are using digital marketing instead of traditional marketing methods. For me, when I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration, I started working in a visa consultation firm and I realised they were using a lot of digital methods to connect with and retain their customers. I realised I didn’t know much about this and it increased my curiosity in the subject and I wanted to know more about what is currently happening in the digital world.

Why Northumbria University London?

I was sure I wanted to study digital marketing at Northumbria after I saw the course modules as it met my expectations of what I wanted to learn in digital marketing. Secondly the location of the campus made it easy to travel and access as many opportunities as I can. I am looking forward to completing my internship.

Since the beginning of your studies, when did you feel like you had made the right decision in coming to study here?

When I was in India, I was performing well and scoring well on assignments. However, when I began my course I was concerned because I wasn’t getting high marks. I can remember my first defining moment was when I was finally able to convey my ideas in assignments with the help of the ACE team and support from my course mates and lecturers to improve my writing.


“After completing my course, I will aim to put what I have learned into practice and be a successful manager”

Kikelomo Omowunmi
MSc Business with International Management

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