Master Your Future: MSc with Advanced Practice

Here at Northumbria University London, we have a fantastic suite of Masters programmes which can help you stand out to potential employers and give you real business experience that can be applied in any industry.

Our Advanced Practice programmes have start dates throughout the year meaning that you can start your programme at a time that suits you. What is a Masters with Advanced Practice?

Ksenia Nikitina describes her experience studying with us here in London:

“My decision to study at Northumbria University London is one I’ll never regret. My studies in MSc Business with Financial Management with Advanced Practice has not only given me an opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge but I’ve also been able to learn more practical skills including project management tools, SAS, Business Intelligence – all useful for the future employment.

I have also learnt how to achieve best results while working in groups – and I’m not talking about ordinary class group activities! We were able to travel to Newcastle during our Residential Weekend, a weekend that will boost your interpersonal communication skills and give you an understanding of how to work in a culturally diverse environment (even if you think you’re already an expert).

In a nutshell, here at Northumbria London, you are able to face the challenges yourself right after you’re equipped with theory, and my Advanced Practice degree is a bright example. After completing the first year of study I had a little summer break and with the help of the university, I secured a five-month-long internship in a finance company in the city, a mere five minutes’ walk away from our London campus.

I cannot begin to describe how useful my studies were to this internship. I am using my knowledge from university and gaining new skills every day. I would argue that without an internship, it is extremely difficult to get through tough competition for a decent graduate job as the requirements for prospective employees are getting stricter every year.”

What is the best possible way to climb the career ladder and stand above the competition?

Our current students are clearly under no illusion that studying at Northumbria University London will equip you with the skills, knowledge and practical experience to allow you to go further with the next step in your career.

Find out when our next postgraduate study event will be on our Northumbria London Facebook page. Come and find out more about Masters with Advanced Practice and our full-time or part-time postgraduate study options.

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