Our part-time Masters are designed to enable working professionals to study whilst they work, applying what they have learnt in the classroom directly back into their job. With delivery in Central London over 9-18 weekends, depending what programme you decide to take, we hope to make it as manageable as possible to achieve a Masters alongside your life and existing responsibilities.

We have put together a fun animation to give you some tips on how you can balance your priorities alongside your studies.

1. Plan your academic life around your work
You will receive your timetables in advance of joining your part-time Masters programme with Northumbria University London. This allows you to plan your assignments or exam preparation in advance as well as block out certain weekends for your classroom sessions.

2. Schedule your independent study
Alongside your taught classroom lessons, all of our part-time programmes require a certain level of independent study – industry research and reading for example – to support your learning and develop your understanding of the subject. Scheduling this into your working week by dedicating an hour or so a day will help you stay up to date with the latest in your industry, whilst also benefitting your learning.

3. Get the support your need from your university
Northumbria University London is dedicated to delivering all students the best learning experience possible with a dedicated student support team, 24/7 IT assistance and regular campus open hours.

4. Stay on top of deadlines
Alongside your timetables, when you join us as a student you are given advanced warning of any written assessments or exams, giving you as much time as possible to prepare and arrange your other responsibilities and important dates around key study dates.

5. Find the optimum time to study
It may have been a while since you last studied academically or completed a training programme, so its worth taking some time to work out when you like to study. Are early mornings when you are most receptive? Or do you prefer to work in the evenings?

6. Take regular breaks
Taking regular breaks throughout your day at work is important for your focus and wellbeing, and the same applies for when you are studying. When balancing life, work and study, taking a moment to yourself is very important to help you stay motivated and support your engagement across your various priorities.

7. Create a study space
You have a dedicated time to study, you have all your resources ready, you have scheduled when you are going to complete your assignments….now do you have a study space to actually work in? Much like the finding the right time to study, you need to work out where best to study. The coffee shop buzz and chatter may be ideal for some, while a dedicated ‘quiet study’ area could be the ideal situation for another.

8. Collaborate
One of the key benefits of our programmes is how you can connect with likeminded working professionals from a huge variety of industries and disciplines. In the classroom you will have the opportunity to work through various case studies, live projects and discuss responses to individual situations, all helping to inform and enrich your personal development.

9. Optimise your commute
Majority of us have some kind of a commute to get to work, whether you are on the train, bus, car or for the more energetic, cycling or walking, there are always a few moments you could capture to benefit your study. Simply reading the news or a popular industry blog, or listening to a podcast all count towards your learning and development.

10. Balance your life….
Undertaking a part-time Masters degree is a clear investment in your personal and professional development, and definitely requires a lot of pre-planning and preparation for you to receive the most out of your studies, whilst continuing to work and of course, enjoy some free time! Hopefully the above tips help you start your journey to an MSc with us.

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