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3 Tips for Including your Children in your Studies
There are often blogs written about how to participate in your kids’ studies – but what about including them in yours? If you have a family and are taking a full or part-time course and are working from home, chances are your study-time overlaps with looking after your children. Depending on their age, they will […]
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Culture Day 2019: Something to Look Forward to Every Year
This month, we hosted a cultural day for students and academics to showcase their background through music, dance and language. Students and academics showed up in traditional wear and took turns explaining the story behind the clothes. They conversed in different languages, they danced, they sang, they shared food and, most importantly, they had fun! […]
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Meet the Team: Hassan Baajour
Our academics are more than just that; and we wanted to find out more. Our Programme Leader, Hassan Baajour, shared insights into his life with us and informed us of how he got into teaching. How long have you been teaching? I’ve been teaching at QA for 3 years but before doing this, I was […]
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Bridging the Gap: Gender and Business
Even today, certain areas of industry tend to be dominated by and favour male employees. Although some may not be aware, it is actually illegal to pay a woman less for doing the same job as a man. However, in a recent study conducted by gender inequality charity the Fawcett Society, it was found that […]
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5 Tips for Finding the Right Work-Life Balance
The work/life balance is becoming more and more important to both companies and employees, with lots of organisations offering flexible working hours, remote working options and enriching company culture. There is sometimes a temptation to put work first in a way that makes other areas of our life suffer. But there are things you can […]
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5 Tips for Marketing Yourself
Marketing is a huge part of modern life. It dictates what we buy, where we go and how we behave. When done well, it can change our minds and spark our imaginations. So, why should it be any different when it comes to ourselves? Creating a brand for employers to buy into might be the […]
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Threats to Information Security 2019
The importance of information security (or infosec) has grown exponentially in the past several years. It has always existed to a certain extent, with governments and armies acknowledging the need to keep communications between them secret from the enemy. By World War Two, the Enigma Machine was created to do just this and was decrypted […]
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Innovations in Technology in 2019
Often, when we read the news, it can feel like we’re living in a sci-fi film. Self-driving cars, virtual assistants in the home, Augmented Reality apps that can make you feel like you’re landing on the moon – these are all incredible innovations that change the way we see and interact with the world. In light […]
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Enterprise Experience Event June 2019
On Saturday 22nd June 2019, we saw the launch of our first ever Northumbria University Enterprise Experience Event which was as successful as hoped. 30 budding entrepreneurial students joined us for the day and were faced with a series of exciting challenges. From developing a business idea to then pitching it to a panel of […]
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